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ISSN : 2233-6710(Print)
ISSN : 2384-2121(Online)
Journal of Asia Pacific Counseling Vol.2 No.2 pp.209-228

Character Strengths and Career Development of Academically Gifted Adolescents

Boyoung Kim, Young Seok Seo, Mina Cho

Yonsei University
Received May 5, 2012, Revision received July 31, 2012, Accepted August 10, 2012


The purpose of this study is to examine character strengths in gifted adolescents using the Values in Action (VIA) Inventory ofStrengths (Peterson & Seligman, 2004) and to investigate the predictive contribution of strengths (e.g., Wisdom and Knowledge,Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence) to two factors related to students’ career development. Characterstrengths are new and important topics of inquiry in Positive Psychology. The study revealed that mean scores of 24 characterstrengths of participants (N = 149) are lower than previous studies in different countries. Measurement of VIA-Youth, careerdecision-making self-efficacy and career decision-making types did vary by gender, GPA, and annual household income.Courage and Transcendence strengths are significantly and positively associated with career decision-making self-efficacy.Students who showed more Wisdom and Knowledge strength reported higher rational career decision-making style and studentswith more Humanity strength reported higher intuitive career decision-making style. Implications of the major findings andrecommendations for future research are discussed.